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FX Series

Ouval Research always make effort to create innovation. With continous innovation to make something different and unique is a commitment that reflect from the word “Research”.

FX SERIESTM is a product image issued by Encyclo Technologies Division (Research & Development Division).

FX SERIESTM is series of products to support fashion needs in doing biking activities specialy fixed gear bicycle.

FX SERIESTM consists of Hat, Bag, Shirt, Pants, Jacket etc sold starting 75.000 IDR.

FX SERIESTM is launched –coincide with Soft Launching Exhibition Room #2 Bandung in April 22nd 2011 in all Ouval Research official store (Exhibition Room & Ambience Room) at once which is located in Bandung, Jakarta, Padang, Yogyakarta, Makassar and Surabaya.

To introduce this FX Series product, then held Consumer Reward event with provision of every customer who bought FX Series will be given 1 giveaway (Sticker/Tote Bag) and 1 sweepstakes that are draw at Midnight Sale Bandung June 1st 2011 to win a 1 unit FX Gear prize, it’s a fixed gear bicycle designed by Ouval Research.

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