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Midnight Sale dan Anniversary Sale 2011

Since 2007, Midnight Sale had become yearly regular agenda as a means to celebrate Ouval Research anniversary and as a starting Anniversary Sale 1 month programs. From year to year, MIDNIGHT SALE implementation is progressing, both from the point of execution, event format and other supporting programs.

In 2011, MIDNIGHT SALE has entered the 5th year that offers attractive discounts and gifts from Ouval Research and sponsors. The program only lasted one day simultaneously, in Exhibition Room Bandung, Jakarta, Surabaya and Makassar held on Friday, June 3, 2011 from 7pm to 12pm.

The differences between Midnight Sale and Anniversary Sale is located at execution time and the amount of discounts earned by customers who shop at these two events. Midnight Sale only lasts for about 5 hours, and consumers get the Double Discount which is an additional 10% discount off of the total purchase, from massive Anniversary Sale discount up to 70% for all item. In addition, there’s a giveaway for lucky customer who shops during the Mignight Sale event.

Each Midnight Sale event is always enlivened by the selected Master of Ceremonies (MC) as the host and also the appearance of several local indie band that will entertain consumers who come for approximately 5 hours. In 2011, the MC which guides Midnight Sale Bandung is MC Urban consisting of Ronny Urban, Urban Elmi and Wanda Urban and MC Gilang & Azis "Doa Ibu" for Midnight Sale Jakarta. While the Bands are Laluna Band, Triangle, Closehead for Midnight Sale Bandung, and then Amazing In Bed, Blue Morning, Midnight Sale Stereo Case for Jakarta. Makassar was no less exciting with the appearance of DJ Otan & Trans East and Live Painting by H-FI (Rush) and Lunadash (HSB). Especially for Midnight Sale 2011, held a drawing of The FX Gear sweepstakes in Bandung and Jakarta, which is a draw of proof of purchase for two types of fixed gear bike unit specially designed Ouval Research for consumers who purchase the product FX SeriesTM 22 April to 30 May 2011 period.

From year to year, the Midnight Sale enthusiastic visitors continue to grow, so it is no longer unusual view of the lengthy queue to the entrance of the Exhibition Room. On the next day Anniversary Sale program occuring for 1 full month, which is granting discounts to every customer who shops at every Exhibition Room with massive discounts up to 70%. Midnight Sale Program and Anniversary Sale is the symbol of the anniversary celebration Ouval Research, as well as a medium to convey our gratitude to the customers who have been supporting Ouval Research from 1997.

Yes, we love you people!

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