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Grand Opening Exhibition Room #6 Yogyakarta

In the beginning of 2009 -precisely on March 9, 2009, the city of Yogyakarta became the 4th of the opening of the Ouval Research official store after Bandung, Jakarta and Padang.
Ouval Research official store Yogyakarta named Ambience Room # 2, which is a miniature of Ouval Research Exhibition Room a smaller store size and the location "hitchhike" inside the store of "Seven Souls de Arcade" Jalan Cendrawasih Komplek Colombo No.4 Yogyakarta.
After almost 2 years 5 months accommodating and supporting street youth lifestyle of Yogyakarta, then on August 20, 2011, Ambience Room officially changed the status to become the Exhibition Room #6 because the size of a larger shop and no longer hitchhike at other stores.
Exhibition Room #6 is a showroom with measurement of 85.5m2 displaying a wide collection of products Ouval Research. All products shown are originals products consisting of apparel, footwear and accecories.
The concept of "Exhibition Room" was designed specifically by Graphix Encyclo Division which emits a unique atmosphere characteristic of Ouval Research. Philosophy who want to show that the Exhibition Room can provide inspiration for consumers to shop and at the same time to see the art work Graphix found on the walls and the installation box located behind the cash register and several boxes were placed as a display for displaying various products.

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