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Exhibition Room #7 Jakarta

Following the successful opening stores Exhibition Room # 2 Bandung in April and Exhibition Room # 6 Yogyakarta in August 2011, the Ouval Research re-introduce the latest official store called Exhibition Room # 7, located in JL. Bintaro Main Block J3 13 / Sector 1 South Jakarta.

Exhibition Room # 7 has a dimension of 12.5m x 13.8m, making one of the largest and widest official store owned by Ouval Research today.

The concept of "Exhibition Room # 5" was specifically designed by Graphix Encyclo Division -Internal Creative division Ouval Research that exudes a unique atmosphere characteristic of Ouval Research. Philosophy who want to show is that the "Exhibition Room" can inspire consumers to shop at the same time see the art work Graphix contained in the shop area.

Consumers can see the art work on the walls and the installation Graphix box located behind the cash register and several boxes placed as a display for displaying various products.

The Facts

Ouval Research – Exhibition Room #7 Jakarta

JL. Bintaro Utama Blok J3 13 / Sektor 1              

Jakarta Selatan

Ph. 021-735 1552/53

Opening hours: Mon – Sun 10.00 – 22.00 (WIB)

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