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Midnight Sale 2012

In 2012, Midnight Sale re-presents a different concept. In previous years, Midnight Sale held simultaneously in different cities. But entering the 6th year, Midnight Sale turned into a series of road shows held once a week in five different cities, namely Bandung (June 1), Jakarta (June 8), Yogyakarta (June 15), Surabaya (June 22) and Makassar (June 30), with the main program is Double Discount (+10%) and Live Music punctuated with live performances by 12 musicians / bands from across different genres.

Bandung was appointed to be the first city opening the Midnight Sale Road Show 2012 on Friday night (1/06). More than hundreds of customers in attendance from 6 pm has become evident that the Midnight Sale is eagerly awaited. The queues started from the store gate to more than 100 meters along the road of Sultan Agung, Bandung which is usually quiet at night.

On the mini stage, a marathon line up featuring bands like Sparkle Afternoon, Affen and Strangers. On the sidelines of the band's performance, the audience were entertained by MC URBAN (Wanda, Elmy & Rony) and Niniet Kaluna who was successfuly entertain the attendance.

In the middle of Midnight Sale Road Show #1 event, the drawing "Type Scoot in Point & Mio Fino" program is conducted, with prizes of 1 (one) unit Yamaha motor bike. The sweepstakes is powered by Yamaha for consumers (especially Bandung) who have shopped during the period April-May 2012. The winner is Sigit Santoso, which is determined by taking random of all purchase transactions who were entered into a special box. The prize handover is conducted in symbolic ways, with the form of plaques by the Yamaha to the Ouval Research.

Heavy rains in Jakarta on Friday night (8/06) welcomed the execution of the Midnight Sale Road Show #2. But this did not deter the consumer remains in line under the "impromptu tent" to shop in Exhibition Room # 5 JL. Tebet Utara Dalam No.26 Jakarta.

Not only that, the audience who waiting for the band's performance "Dear Nancy" and "Payung Teduh" remain faithful while accompanied by "MC Gilang" and "Bobby Jambul" that provide a variety of challenges to the "fun games" participants. The challenge is horrendous enough to untie the rope on the couple up to the challenge to create the longest string of attributes that worn by the participants. The result was one of the "fun games" participants who just staying put on pants only.

A surprise occurred at 23:30 that eventually force "Payung Teduh" to hold a performance in the backstage because the rain never let up. But it turned out to be a blessing for the fans of "Payung Teduh", where they could see their favorite band closer and intimate while accompanied by light refreshments. It probably will not happen if the "Payung Teduh" appeared on stage.

Unlike Jakarta, the weather in the city of Yogyakarta on the show "Midnight Sale Road Show # 3" on Friday night (15/06) is very bright. For "Exhibition Room # 6" Yogyakarta, the implementation of "Midnight Sale" is the first time since moving to the store location of Jalan Cendrawasih No.8 Yogyakarta, in August last year. Although the first time, consumers enthusiastically on "Midnight Sale Road Show # 3" seems won’t to be outdone by the two previous town. They queue up in an orderly queue and regularly follow the path that has been provided.

The event was opened by "MC Alit" with the first performance by "Mbah Sujud", the stage name of "Sujud Sutrisno" which is more commonly known as "Sujud Kendang". The name is quite familiar among Yogyakarta artists as "PPRT" or "Household Tax Withholding" rather than singers, because usually "Mbah Sujud" will come to one house to another to sing and hope the kindness and sincerity of the occupants of the house.

Next, turn to "Polska Seeking Aureetthe And The Carnival" (AATPSC) that enliven the arena stage. Band from "Sewon", "Bantul", "Yogyakarta" brought the songs with cheerfully genre they call "Gypsy Polka Folk Pop".

The highlight was closed with a performance by the "Goose & Wolf" (A & S). Their impressive action for 45 minutes, managed to suck up to the lip of the stage audience, and invite mass singalong at the venue. Their action is successfully closing stage performances "Midnight Sale Road Show # 3" on that night.

The next event "Midnight Sale Road Show # 4" held in Surabaya on Friday night (22/06), which is located in the "Exhibition Room # 4" JL. Bengawan No. 6 Surabaya.

The enthusiasm shown also by "arek-arek Suroboyo", although they are queuing up "a bit late" 30 minutes of pre-determined schedule. But different cities have also cultural differences in the night time, though they remained until the end of the queue in an orderly and organized.

In the parking area there is a stage was enlivened by the appearance of a local band called Never Ending Story Surabaya and ZORV with an acoustic set. Also, there’s a lot of gift given away by MC Iqbal that helped warm the atmosphere of the night in Surabaya.

Came at the end of a series of road shows "MIDNIGHT SALE 2012" which took place Saturday night (30/06) in the city of Makassar. Starting at 8 pm hosted by MC Fauzan, consumers began to enter the area of ??the store to shop. Regions of the Boulevard street Makassar that usualy quiet at night seems to look different from the focus of the crowd that goes in the Exhibition Room #3 JL. Boulevard, Ruby 1#2 Panakukkang Makassar.

The music enthusiast treated by Debluesfresh performance. It’s a Band from Makassar which heats the venue with rhythmic blues songs. Pure Saturday continued with a performance that started the set with the song "The Horse Man" from the album "Grey" which was released in May. After nearly 16 songs they bring success to shake with the encore performance "Labyrinth" the climax to the audience in attendance at the last live music performances as well as close the series "road show MIDNIGHT SALE 2012".

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