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Weather Gear Series 3

The Weather is unpredictable nowadays. No one can predict the weather in the future. As a human, we may not be able to control the weather, something that we can do is control the effect by creating favorable conditions for the body. This means dressing appropriately, according to the activity and the environment we currently facing.

With the irregular weather, Ouval Research through Encyclo Technologies Division (A Research & Development Division) creates outwear called The Weather Gear Jacket Series 03.

This jacket is not just a fashion statement, but functionally, it can make you stay active outdoors longer and comfortable. Waterproof, windproof and can control the humidity is an important factor of the outwear performance for comfort and protection from unpredictable weather.

The Weather Gear Jacket Series 03 is constructed from a combination of three layers, which is a soft and high-performance face textiles, membranes and special lining. The outer surface is made of polyester fabric which has a membrane. The membrane is composed of pores with sizes smaller than water droplets and larger than water vapor molecules. This makes the membrane is completely waterproof from the outside, and make sweat lets out from the inside. Inside the jacket is coated with a special lining graphic artwork made ??from 100% cotton.

The Weather Gear Jacket Series is using the final process called Durable Water repellency (DWR) which is an additional layer to prevent the outer fabric becomes wet. The chemical ensures waterproof durability, where water will not seep through the outer surface of the fabric.

The Weather Gear Jacket Series has full features, such as full waterproof zippered, cotton viscose ribs covered in wrist and waist, attached adjustable hood with rain gutter, velcro wind flap and Anti-slip leather. In addition, the jacket has many components (pockets) like two large pockets in front, two in the chest pocket and a single pocket inside the jacket.

The Weather Gear Jacket Series 03 for the first edition is available in 2 (two) color options: black and brown with a retail price of Rp 575.000,-

The Weather Gear Jacket Series will be released in mid-January 2012 which only available in:

Ouval Research Exhibition Room

JL. Buah Batu 64 Bandung

JL. Sultan Agung 3A-B Bandung

JL. Boulevard, Ruby 1#2 Makassar

JL. Bengawan 6 Surabaya

JL. Tebet Utara Dalam 26 Jakarta

JL. Cendrawasih 8 Yogyakarta

JL. Bintaro Utama Blok J3 13 / Sektor 1 Jakarta

Ouval Research Ambience Room

JL.  Belakang Olo No. 34 Padang


Ouval Research always make an effort to create innovation. With continuous innovation to create something different and unique is a commitment that is reflected through the word "Research".

The Facts




Name      : Weather Gear 03

Color        : Hitam (black) dan Coklat (brown)

Price         : 575.000 IDR



Soft and high-performance face textiles


Special lining



Durable Water Repellency (DWR)



full waterproof zippered

viscose cotton ribs covered in wrist and waist

attached adjustable hood with rain gutter

velcro wind flap

Anti slip leather (available only at black color jacket)

Loads of compartment (pocket) : Two large in front, Two secure on the chest with waterproof zippered and One secure inside

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