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Ahmad Fathin

Ahmad Fathin is skateboard riders from Cianjur (born October 21, 1989). Despite his young age, his dedication to the skateboard scene is surely worth to considered. He started this extreme sports since he was 11 year old.



Zorv is a Rock/Post Grunge band from Surabaya Indonesia, formed in 2009. The first line-up consisting of Ragyl (bass), Danishwara (guitar), Dwi (drum) and Joe (vocal).

As the project grew, former original member are drummer Dwi left the group and followed by vocalist Joe a year later. The band invited musician friends such as Dody (Percy Button), Gannery (My Mother Is Hero), and Ucha (Goodfather) to add to the drum sound. Then, the band's guitarist Danishwara replaced Joe as lead singer. Finding a replacement drummer took more time and effort, they brought Balqi as their new drummer.


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